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To travel around London, it is price-efficient to purchase an Oyster card at a tube station or at a newsagent (local corner shop with Oyster card sign).
The price for an Oyster card is £ 5 and then it can be topped up, and you can add money and pay as you go.

Ticket prices
• Single tube ticket zones 1- 2
£ 4:30 in cash or £ 2.00 with Oyster card
These fares are as from 9.30 am (off-peak)
The maximum an Oyster card will charge is £ 7.00 per day, regardless of the amount of trips that are made in zones 1-2 • Adult Day Travelcard Zones 1-2
£ 7.00 (after 9.30 am) £ 8.40 (before 9.30)
• Adult Weekly Travelcard 1- 2
£ 29.20
• Single bus ticket zones 1- 2
£ 2.30 in cash or £ 1.35 with Oyster card

London offers a good transport service. The quickest way to travel is by tube. Tubes run until approximately 12 midnight, and within Central London, they are very safe (like in any other city, one should take care)

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